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Why hire in Albania: Advantages beyond the cost of labor

Why hire in Albania: Advantages beyond the cost. Qualified and motivated workforce, which brings added value to companies.
Why hire in Albania with an EOR


When it comes to hiring staff abroad, Albania is often seen as a convenient destination only due to the low cost of labor. However, this perception does not do justice to the many benefits that companies can gain from hiring in Albania. In addition to cost savings, the Albanian labor market offers a qualified and motivated workforce, which can bring significant added value to organizations.

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Competitive labor costs
Qualified and motivated workforce

Competitive labor costs

According to the latest information, the Albanian government has approved a salary reform which provides for an increase in the average salary to 900 euros per month within a year. [1] This means that the cost of labor in Albania, while remaining lower than in Italy, is increasingly approaching European levels. However, Albania's competitive advantage goes beyond simple labor costs. The country enjoys a lower tax wedge than Italy (this article analyzes it how much does it cost to hire in Albania), which results in a lower total labor cost for companies. Furthermore, social security contributions and employer responsibilities are generally lower, making Albania an even more attractive destination for businesses.

Qualified and motivated workforce

One of the main advantages of hiring in Albania is the quality of the workforce. According to a study conducted by the Polytechnic University of Tirana, the average educational level of the Albanian population is in line with the European average, with a percentage of graduates approaching 30%. Furthermore, Albanian workers are known for their dedication, responsibility and commitment, characteristics that make them particularly appreciated by companies.

Several studies have shown that Albanian workers have a high level of motivation and sense of belonging to the company. This translates into greater productivity, lower turnover rates and a more stable and collaborative work environment.


Hiring in Albania is not only a cost-effective choice, but also an opportunity to access a qualified and motivated workforce. In addition to saving on labor costs, companies can benefit from dedicated, responsible and professional workers, who contribute significantly to the success of the organization. 

Added to all this is the opportunity to take advantage of simplified HR management thanks to the service EOR (Employer Of Record) by HR Alba. This service will allow you to hire staff in Albania in compliance with local labor regulations, without the need to have a local office. 

Therefore, Albania represents an attractive destination for businesses seeking to expand their activities and access a competitive and high-quality job market.


[1] The package of laws on wage reform approved, the ... – KosovaPress

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