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Outsourcing of CAD designers Albania

The outsourcing of CAD Albania designers with HR Alba generates an efficiency equal to or greater than that of working in the same office, enormously reducing costs and personnel management costs.
Outsourced CAD designer Albania

Are you looking for a qualified CAD designer?
HR Alba is the outsourcing service in Albania you need.

The company HR Alba based in Tirana, Albania, offers services of outsourcing, out-staffing, administrative and personnel management support. Select highly qualified personnel which can be formed and updated, based on the projects requested by client / partner companies.

Services offered by HR Alba

  • Outsourcing, we offer the most qualified personnel on the market outsourcing in Albania to manage your work, your projects in every field and workplace. Smart working certified and at high levels of efficiency.
  • Outsourcing of business processes, we take care of the aspects that a company intends to delegate, as often happens for various reasons, so the company will have more time to deal with the development of the core business. The outsourcing of business processes is the optimal solution even in cases of peak production, to prevent situations that cannot be managed by the existing staff (e.g. outsourcing of back office staff, marketing, accounting, call center and everything that can streamline the work within your company).
  • Outsourcing of the production process, we take care, after choosing an office aligned to the needs of our partners and having selected the work team, the processing or the complete production processes that the partner company commissions us. 

Our mission is to bring together reliable companies, looking to optimize processes and reduce personnel costs, with professional staff referenced in Albania. In order to create long-term "mutual benefit partnerships", establishing a custom route is following the guidelines of who commissioned the work.
We are very careful to selection of trained technical personnel, let's start special training dedicated to the type of service requested based on the specific needs of customers and the different needs of the world of work.

What benefits do I get from using the service and commissioning an outsourced CAD designer to HR Alba?

We will take care of your projects, with dedication and attentionand, attention to detail and speed of execution will be part of the modus operandi of the selected staff. They will be selected trained outsourcing CAD designers according to the needs of your project, and will dedicate themselves to full time, without having to perform other tasks, as often happens in companies, inevitably for various reasons. We will work on your projects streamlining work, burdens and the bureaucratic and administrative part of the staff. You can focus on other services or projects or simply have more time, reduce stress, reduce costs and improve efficiency!

We strictly adhere to the guidelines that are provided to us by the partner company, it is very important for us to perform the assigned project in the best possible way without interfering in any way. The benefits of hiring staff in Albania through HR Alba can be summarized as follows :

  1. No hiring burden and contractual management issues: CAD designers outsourcing in Albania dedicated to you and your projects without contractual obligations of employment.
  2. Reliability and punctuality: we pre-select professional and qualified CAD designers able to guarantee high standards in project management and above all punctuality in the delivery of the assigned project.
  3. You choose the hours of our CAD outsourcing designers in Albania according to your needs, being able to make your business hours coincide with those of our staff.
  4. You will always and constantly be followed in the administration and management of personnel, we will never leave you alone. You can contact the staff at any time you need.
  5. Cost, last but not least, we offer the best service available on the market at a truly competitive and accessible cost, following the project with the utmost seriousness.

Lour mission and our commitment are focused on offering the highest level of price quality, excellent work at competitive prices. The company HR Alba strongly believes instaff outsourcing in Albania and in providing staff to companies that need a skilled workforce. For our company it is important establish lasting relationships and collaborations, to create a relationship of trust with client companies, based on the quality of the work offered and on the seriousness, preparation and reliability of HR Alba staff.

Outsourcing Albania for us at HR Alba is to offer you a service that, albeit remotely, in smart working, recreates an efficiency equal to or greater than that of working in the same office. You will be followed by the best professionals and the most competent staff. We will always be by your side.


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"HR Alba's goal is to offer constant and long-term solutions and support, to bring reliable companies together with professional candidates, based on honesty and flexibility"

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HR Alba helps companies and professionals reduce management costs and improve business efficiency, providing EOR - Employer of Record and PEO services in Albania, recruitment, outsourcing and outsourcing services.

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