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Outsourcing Mechanical Designer

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The outsourcing of the mechanical designer or the outsourcing of some 3D mechanical design processes to specialized outsourcing companies is the solution for mechanical design studios to increase the volume of work and quality, while reducing fixed costs.
Outsourcing mechanical designer

In the current economic context strongly oriented to the outsourcing and digitalization of production processes, mechanical design studios have a constant need for specific skills to be included in their workforce that they can satisfy, making use of solutions such as that ofoutsourcing of the mechanical designer. The aim is to remain competitive and not lose the pace with its direct competitors.

All this must then take place in compliance with corporate sustainability, thus minimizing costs and trying to make the investments made pay off.

It is from this perspective that the outsourcing of the mechanical designer, or the outsourcing of some 3D design processes of mechanical design studios to specialized outsourcing companies such as HR Alba, has assumed a fundamental role in recent years.

Thanks to it, more and more 3d mechanical design studios are able to increase the volume of work and provide quality projects, while reducing fixed costs.

How Outsourcing Mechanical Designer works

One of the most requested figures in the labor market at the moment is certainly that of mechanical designer, also called mechanical or 3d draftsman. It is basically a technician capable of designing and dimensioning the components of mechanical systems using solid 3d modeling software such as SolidWorks, Creo, AutoCad.

His figure ranges from the development of projects, to the definition of the technical and functional characteristics of the product or good, up to the creation of manuals and production.

With HR Alba outsourcing services of specialized mechanical designers and projects SolidWorks, Creo, AutoCad and other solid 3d modeling software in Albania, it is possible to outsource even just parts of the project. In particular, the drawing up, the FEM structural analysis (finite element method) and other parts of the 3D mechanical design, based on the needs of the client mechanical design studio.

Making use of an outsourced 3D mechanical designer or draftsman can therefore be the solution both for a more complete intervention with vertical skills, and for a more sectoral and specific intervention (parts of the project, table setting, FEM structural analysis etc ...), to lighten the workload of your studio's senior designers as needed.

Finally, having more than one fixed mechanical designers in one's workforce involves a fixed cost and could lead to a flattening of ideas and, therefore, to a lack of growth and development of the products or services of the economic reality. Instead, contacting external companies able to supply competent mechanical designers ensures that the parent company can always count on new designers, who will therefore be able to make continuous improvements to the projects in compliance with the brief received. 

What does outsourcing of the mechanical designer mean?

Among the benefits ofoutsourcing of the mechanical designer it is mainly the fact that he works based on the needs of the client design studio. Therefore, by outsourcing the 3d mechanical design in Albania, the parent company will have to limit itself to indicating what it intends to do and how: the functional and technical characteristics of the mechanical group, the materials and technologies to be implemented.

Based on these choices, the outsourced mechanical designer will draw the sketches and drafts and then proceed with the development of the models and prototypes to be presented to the customer's mechanical design studio. It is in this phase that he will interface with the senior engineers and the managers of the company to then allow them to have all the information and data to be able to proceed with production.

This intermediate step allows the commissioning engineering firms to obtain a greater cost advantage. They will also be able to count on an external resource, who will deal only with that project and who will present it in compliance with the deadlines established in the contract.  

3d design and mechanical design services HR Alba Albania

HR Alba, a company based in Tirana in Albania, offers outsourcing, outsourcing and outsaffing solutions to all companies that need this type of solution.
Between offered services there is also that of making it possible to outsource the mechanical designer or outsourcing of the mechanical designer. In fact, a series of competent profiles will be presented to the mechanical design studio that can best adapt to the type of specific need.

For more information on mechanical draftsman outsourcing services, please contact HR Alba

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