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Outsourcing of industrial processes Albania

Outsourcing will allow you to manage more customers without new hires. HR Alba will handle pre-selection, hiring and contract responsibility.
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The business activity today has greatly changed compared to the past, when the competitive market was often restricted to the national level only and saw the presence of a smaller number of players. In modern times, the complexity of competition and the need to stay up-to-date implies the need for economic realities to carry out an increasing number of tasks, with all that this entails in terms of costs for personnel and for the operation of 'activities. This is why more and more economic realities are providing the so-called outsourcing, outsourcing out-staffing, or to the transfer of services, functions or roles (in the case of out-staffing) usually internal to the company to external suppliers.
This type of activity will allow companies to focus only on the business and to delegate all those activities that can also be carried out by other subjects, in compliance with the indications of the parent company and the total security of the data processed.
Outsourcing, as well as simplifying business operations, also allows for a clear cut reduction in personnel costs and therefore of those fixed costs that often represent an obstacle to the growth of economic realities. 

Outsourcing of services in Albania

A solution increasingly adopted by Italian companies in particular is that of outsource some services or part of the staff in Albany turning to specialized companies such as HR Alba. These, based on the guidelines provided by the partner company, identify the specialized personnel in Albania and create a centralized work team capable of carrying out the required activity by providing the partner with continuous monitoring of the work performed. 

HR Alba: outsourcing in Albania

HR Alba, is a company based in Tirana, Albania, which offers services to companies and professionals who need to outsource to Albania. Provides personnel outsourcing solutions in Albania, remote production process outsourcing, out-staffing and cost reduction.

HR Alba, the outsourcing of industrial processes

Among the various services offered by HR Alba, theoutsourcing of industrial processes with specific reference to outsourcing solutions for qualified personnel in Albania.
Specifically, it offers partner companies the selection of personnel specialized in 3D and 2D CAD design for the production of products and parts in metal or other materials (through laser cuts, but also lathe, milling and welding of metal parts and galvanizing) . 

The outsourcing of this type of industrial processes will allow the partner company to manage multiple customers at the same time without having to hire additional staff and extend delivery times.
HR Alba will in fact take care of pre-selecting the candidates on the guidelines of the partner companies and then manage the administrative side of hiring, responsibility and management of the contract with the resource.

In addition to an increase in turnover, given the possibility of being able to work simultaneously for several customers, the partner company will also have a net reduction in costs, production costs and labor as in Albania the cost of labor is lower than to what happens, for example, in Italy.  

As for the quality of service and professionalism of the staff selected, HR Alba undertakes to ensure that all the qualitative and quantitative requests of the partner are met. Therefore, the selection of personnel for the outsourcing of industrial processes in Albania will be faithful to the guidelines of the project, with the company turning to the profiles deemed most suitable. 

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"HR Alba's goal is to offer constant and long-term solutions and support, to bring reliable companies together with professional candidates, based on honesty and flexibility"

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HR Alba helps companies and professionals reduce management costs and improve business efficiency, providing EOR - Employer of Record and PEO services in Albania, recruitment, outsourcing and outsourcing services.

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