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How to hire outsourced staff

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To hire personnel in outsourcing with HR Alba, a contract is stipulated that provides for the provision of the service, management of the contract with employees, charges and fiscal and administrative responsibility by HR Alba.
How to hire outsoircing staff in Albania

All economic markets have undergone profound changes in recent years, thanks to technological development and increasingly marked globalization. The companies that manage to remain competitive are those that best know how to read the scenario that surrounds them and that are best able to adapt to them. A now widespread solution is that ofindustrial process outsourcing concerning ancillary activities and which therefore can also be carried out by third parties. This generates for the economic reality that externalizes evident benefits such as a lowering of fixed costs relating to personnel and a reduction in charges towards them. 

How to hire outsourced staff

Outsourcing a business process can also concern a key sector for the company such as that of human resources or HR what to say if you want. This has the task of selecting qualified personnel for the company and having this task carried out externally implies a considerable amount reduction of personnel costs dedicated to this activity. In addition, in addition to selection and hiring, human resources also take care of all aspects relating to administration.
So how to hire outsourced staff? How to do it in foreign countries, such as Albania, where the cost of labor is significantly lower? What are the main benefits?

Hiring outsourced staff: how it works

L'hiring outsourced staff provides that a contract is stipulated between the service provider and the parent company that regulates relations and provides for the supply of a service in exchange for an economic value. The typical contract in this case is that of thecontract with which a subject assumes with the organization of his own means, the obligation to carry out a work or a service against a consideration in money. Then there may be gods work contracts, or when a person performs a service with mainly his own work and without any subordination constraint towards the client. Finally there is the subcontracting agreement with which a client company entrusts the production of goods or services to third parties, reserving the right to carry out only the commercial functions. 

In the case of HR Alba, a service supply contract is stipulated with the same, which envisages the hiring by HR Alba of the personnel selected and controlled by the client company.
In addition, HR Alba will take care of the administrative management of contracts and fiscal responsibility, in order to leave the client company free from any burden to concentrate on the production and optimization aspects of business processes.

In the event of a contract, Italian law requires that the personnel hired externally comply with the regulations in force regarding financial solidity to guarantee the execution of the salary and contribution obligations, as well as of course the necessary guarantees regarding health and safety in the workplace. The task of those who will have to hire externally for the parent company will therefore be to comply with this legislation and provide the economic reality with qualified personnel based on the specific requests received. 

Advantages of staff outsourcing

L'outsourcing of staff has some notable advantages for companies that decide to move in this direction as hiring outsourced workers reduces the costs and burdens of an Italian contract. In this sense, it can be very important for the company to contact companies specialized in this type of service such as HR Alba. This reality offers solutions of staff outsourcing in Albania with all that this entails in terms of cost advantages and speeding up work. HR Alba selects qualified personnel according to the customer's needs by taking care, before and after hiring, also of the bureaucratic part and thus allowing a net optimization of costs to the advantage of the efficiency of the partner company.

Hiring outsourced personnel can therefore be a step that can guarantee greater competitiveness on the market and a better position within it.

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