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BPO, Business Process Outsourcing, involves personnel outsourcing operations in countries with cost advantages for companies such as Albania and supported by specialized agencies such as HR Alba.
HR Alba outsourcing of production processes and personnel Albania

Outsourcing of business processes in Albania (BPO)

For some years now the complexity of business processes it has increased considerably and therefore companies are increasingly faced with the need to manage a large amount of work and employees in order to better fulfill their task. From an economic point of view all this naturally has a high cost, especially as regards fixed costs, and in the long run it could undermine the stability of the company.

However, by analyzing these business processes and considering them in reference to the individual sectors of reference, there are a series of operations that can be outsourced, thus reducing fixed costs and allowing the entrepreneur to fully concentrate on his business and its possible developments (BPO - Business Process Outsourcing).

Let's think for example of the CAD design oo allo IT development, or to the accounting that if managed internally and entirely by the company, it has a very high cost and therefore the solution could be to resort tooutsourcing in countries where the cost of labor is much lower.
The same concept can be applied to any production process that does not require the physical presence of the worker: from more complex jobs such as CAD designers, to corporate customer care, to IT software development services and much more.

Outsourcing of personnel in Albania

In the so-called BPO, or Business Process Outsourcingalso include the outsourcing of personnel to other countries with considerable cost advantages for companies. Specifically, the entrepreneur who chooses this option turns to specialized agencies operating in the chosen territory, in this case Albania. It will be the parent company that will provide the guidelines to the outsourcing agency that will undertake to search for the best profiles and their training.
The chosen figures will all be contracted - in the manner indicated by the company - and will all be placed in the same office if necessary or alternatively in smart working.
The goal is to reduce costs and improve efficiency with the intervention of new professional figures who are dedicated exclusively to the indicated activity.
Even from a bureaucratic point of view, the company will have enormous simplifications, as the entire practice can be managed by the partner agency. The whole process will then be optimized.

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HR Alba is an outsourcing company based in Tirana specialized in offering its customers remote production process outsourcing, staff outsourcing in Albania, outstaffing and cost reduction services. Its mission is to promoteinternationalization between Italy-Albania, between Albania and Switzerland, between Albania and Europe, offering companies in these countries long-term support in the services of outsourcing for its partner customers.

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"HR Alba's goal is to offer constant and long-term solutions and support, to bring reliable companies together with professional candidates, based on honesty and flexibility"

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