HR Alba

All-in-one personnel outsourcing and business support solutions

HR Alba offers personnel outsourcing solutions in Albania, to outsource part of the production process, reduce costs and revive our partner companies.

"HR Alba's goal is to offer constant and long-term solutions and support, to bring reliable companies together with professional candidates, based on honesty and flexibility"
HR Alba Management

constant all-in-one support

Based on the guidelines and training of the partner company, HR Alba identifies and hires professional staff in Albania, offering contracts, facilities and work environment so that the work experience is optimal and lasting.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania
hralba personal outsourcing Albania

cost reduction and optimization

HR Alba provides office, professional staff and bureaucracy management in a single solution. All this while reducing the personnel costs of the partner company and improving their efficiency. 

Simplified bureaucracy and management

HR Alba fornisce una serie di servizi
and constant support, to simplify, monitor and make the remote management of your office in Albania (Tirana, Durres or Vlore) and staff efficient with a single contact.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

What are the steps of the HR Alba service

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

Your needs

Describe the profiles needed for your outsourcing project and your budget. We will evaluate the possibility of offering you the optimal solution.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

Outsourcing Agreement

Defining the guidelines of the agreement and committing to the project are necessary requirements to allow us to start pre-selection and planning of the project.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

Pre-selection of candidates

Once the guidelines of the project have been acquired, we will start the search for staff in Albania, to pre-select the most suitable profiles that will start the selection process of your company.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

Hiring and testing

Once the candidates have been identified, we will take care of hiring them and starting the service supply contract for your company that will decide the outcome of the trial period.

hralba outsourcing Albania

Dedicated office choice

We will choose and set up a dedicated team workspace in one of our offices in Tirana, ensuring optimal working conditions and services.

hralba personal outsourcing Albania

Monitoring and performance

Each work team will be supported by a team leader or a senior figure who can coordinate the work and assume a role of reference and responsibility.

optimize your business

With our help and support, we provide efficient remote staffing solutions that can optimize your business.